Farm Piconi, Umbria, Italy

About Piconi Farm, Umbria, Italy

“The Piconi Farm” follows a long-standing rural tradition in time, was formed in 1968 by Mr. Piconi Danilo who decided to dedicate themselves to their own management of the estates of his family, adding to sheep arable crops. Given the results obtained he decided to grow legumes and cereals and market them directly to stores.

The company was subsequently passed on by the latter to son Piconi Alessandro in 1997.
After a few years has been realized a new structure for the processing and packaging of raw materials, in such a way as to be autonomous and have a controlled short chain is guaranteed.

The path taken by this family we find today on our table with wholesome and tasty products, such as the lentil and spelled.


From the producer to the consumer, it is not just a saying for farm Piconi.
From plowing, sowing, harvest and packaging, control, we execute and guarantee each step of our food chain.


Alessandro Piconi


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Piconi Farm, Umbria, Italy


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