Terms and Conditions of Service


The Conditions and Terms of Service listed here, in addition with your order confirmation, constitute the agreement for the supply of products between the company “Azienda Agricola Piconi Alessandro” (hereinafter also referred to as us or as the company owner) and the customer (hereinafter also referred to as user or as You). No other conditions or terms may be applied. The Agreement may not be modified except by written accord or by e-mail.

Place an order

You can place an order at www.agricolapiconi.it by adding products to your shopping cart, whether or not you register or log in to your personal account, and successfully completing the payment process. We will not accept orders placed in a different modality than those indicated above.

At the moment of sending an order, it will be automatically marked with an order ID that will be communicated to the user by e-mail. In addition, the order page of your personal account will display the order with the relevant details.

Once your order will receipt, we will be free to accept the proposal or not. If the order is accepted, we will give you confirmation by e-mail. If the order is not accepted, we will contact you by e-mail or telephone to propose a valid alternative or if you prefer the refund of the amount paid. It is clear that in the event that we are not able to complete the service with the delivery of the products ordered by the customer, our responsibility will not go beyond the return to the customer of the amounts paid.

Prices and additional costs

The price of the products including VAT (where applicable) will be the one indicated on the order and corresponding to the one indicated on the receipt / invoice.
The costs relating to delivery and / or commission payments, if applicable, will be indicated in the order summary before confirmation and forwarding of the order.

Terms of payment

The purchase of products is possible in different ways proposed to the customer directly on the page “payment method”.
Furthermore, only if the order has been placed, it is possible to make the payment in a second step through the order page of your personal account.
If we do not receive the payment within seven days of sending your Order, it will be deleted.

Delivery methods

We carefully prepare the shipment and after assigned it to our carrier for delivery, we will send you a confirmation of the shipment by e-mail.
The delivery of the products will be made to the shipping address indicated on the order confirmation page and also reported in the order details.
Delivery times are estimated and communicated by the carrier, for more information contact our customer service.

Right of withdrawal

According to the provisions of Legislative Decree 185 of 22/05/99, the right of withdrawal for “Afterthought” is excluded in the following cases:
– order of products by a non-consumer customer and / or who requires an invoice;
– order that include custom- made products or clearly personalized;
– order of products that are likely to deteriorate or expire rapidly;
– order of sealed products that cannot be returned for hygienic reasons or reasons related to health protection or that have been opened after delivery.
That is, it does not apply to food.

However, to protecting and assisting the customer, in the event of damage to the packaging or failure of a product, promptly contact customer service at shop@agricolapiconi.it.

Personal data protection

The data and information collected during registration and use of the site may be used for the provision of their services, for the management and development of the services themselves and for the voluntary and explicit requests of the user (promotional and institutional communication, verification and fulfillment of orders).
For further information, please visit the page of this site dedicated to the Privacy Policy.