"The Farneta Abbey Farm"

di Piconi Alessandro

The agricultural company Capitolo Della Cattedrale di Cortona is located in the municipality of Cortona and it is managed by the Azienda Agricola Piconi Alessandro a Cascia (PG).

It extends for about 130 hectares around, with agricultural productions of olive trees, vines and arable land. The real flagship of the company is the production of organic extra virgin olive oil.

The olive grove dates back to the 10th century and was started by Benedictine monks who founded the Farneta Abbazia.

Today, the olives obtained from a natural processing techniques of our olive tree groves located on the hills around Farneta, are carefully collected when they are reach the right level of ripening

The olives are brought to the pressing in the mill just a few days after the harvest. The various phases include pressing, kneading and pressing, which lead to the cold extraction of the final product: our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a very high quality product, is able to exalts flavors and fragrances of our territory.

The passion and the commitment of the company team, the technical process in compliance with the most ancient Benedettini monk processing rituals, give us an high quality product, rich in extraordinary beneficial properties that also favor a long-lasting preservation.

Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil production comes from: FRANTOIO, LECCINO, MORAIOLO, PENDOLINO.

In our company we can find also the DOC Cortona Vin Santo. This traditional Tuscan wine is a sweet wine from Sangiovese, Trebbiano and Grechetto grapes, produced in the vineyards planted by the monks.

We select the best bunches, then proceed with the drying and the bunches are hung and left at a cool temperature as long as they are whiter enough.

The subsequent processing takes place in compliance with the ancient tradition of the Abbey, in order to obtain a high quality product.

History of Farneta Abbey

It was founded by the Benedictine monks and has always been dedicated to Virgin of the Assumption.

Perhaps of Lombard origin, the building is however attested to in 1014. In the 13th century its influence extended over a large part of the Valdichiana. Two hundred years later, after the unfortunate management by the Commendatory Abbots, the Olivetan Monks took over.

After a period of neglect, the rebirth of the Abbey of Farneta began with the arrival (1937) of a young priest. The religious decided that the building had to be absolutely restored and, almost miraculously, it was restored to its original Romanesque style during the years of the Second World War.

Subsequently, the Abbey was equipped with the sacristy and enriched with a small museum containing materials from both paleontological excavations and from the burials that resurfaced during the same excavations

The church has maintained the pre-Romanesque tau (T) plan, the Latin cross without the upper part, with the apses facing East. Over the centuries the abbey was subject to many mutilations and transformations. At the beginning of the 19th century the bell tower was demolished, then replaced by a sail tower with two bells.

Today, the property enjoyed by the Chapter of the Cathedral of Cortona is partly made up of some assets formerly belonging to the former Abbey of S. Maria a Farneta
From 2021 managed by the Azienda Agricola Piconi Alessandro

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