Food Quality and Safety of Agricola Piconi

The mission of the Azienda Agricola Piconi Alessandro is to establish solid and long-lasting business relationships and  collaboration with Customers and retailers , aiming for a stable compliance with mandatory laws regarding  food safety. For us, quality  means to assure, to the Customers, safe transformations from these different  point of view:
• Qualitative, standards are well-defined.
• Time value, in relation to the shipping time.
• Economic aspect, are traceable and congruent with the mandatory and voluntary rules that regulate them.

The management of the company is led  through the methods of quality, hygiene and health prevention , all that is part of this strategy, in order to consolidate the growing success of our Company on the market,   to ensure our Customers a product free from non-conformity.
For this reason, the real focus of Business Administration is on the value and on the  specialized training of our  internal figures  together with their awareness on issues about quality and sanitary safety.

Be identified and certified according to IFS standards and keep active the part of the system according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 is an opportunity to pursue in a systematic way the improvement of methodologies in order to guarantee and safeguard the Company’s Know How.

Azienda Agricola Piconi Alessandro, aims to achieve and maintain a competitive position on the market, which guarantees long-term prospects for the company and its staff.
The Management considers this main  points:
• Clearly identify the customer’s needs, disclose them into the organization and adapt the way of work with specifics technical requirements and professional commitments;
• Ensure the Customer that their needs have been understood and will be pursued
• Develop a continuous action to improve internal processes, erasing  the causes of any irregularities  and wastefulness, through a widespread and conscientious self-control that the  staff had at all stages of the work. (reduction of Non-conformities and related costs);
• Improve the relationship and communication with the third parties involved, on issues of health and food safety;
• Ensure compliance with legal requirements, including environmental ones, and other undersigned requirements (applicable to the food sector) by periodically assessing compliance.
• Ensure that its activities, referring to the risks identified in the HACCP manual, are carried out in compliance with the provisions in force of the law relating to food safety;
• Define objectives for the protection and healthiness of their own food transformations;
• Facilitate the process of information and training of human resources to ensure an efficient and effective application of the Quality System and Food Safety and HACCP Self-control;
• Motivate and ensure that staff are always in a position to carry out the tasks for which they are qualified, involving them in their roles and responsibilities in the food sector about safety and health;
• Give preference to prevention and internal investigations to protect food health in order to significantly reduce the probability of accidents and potential emergency situations regarding quality, safety and legality;
• Privilege the prevention and internal investigations to protect the environment;
• Ensuring ever greater reliability of its suppliers; this main objective is pursued through the creation of a behavioral ethics of partnership with the main suppliers for one or more types of product. Monitoring carefully  the continuous evaluation of them, in order to achieve continuity in purchasing,  based on  specific  requests that  Azienda Agricola Piconi Alessandro makes.

Within these objectives, it is considered essential to maintain certification according to the IFS standard and actively support the System according to the UNI EN ISO 9001.2015 standard without certification.

In addition, close to  the general objectives, listed above, specific goals are defined annually and will be release  to the staff through the Management Review Document and verified in its execution with periodically reviews.

Everyone is committed to the understanding, spreading and realization of this Company Policy. The staff, of the Azienda Agricola Piconi Alessandro, through appropriate training in carrying out its activity, is in a position  to answer to the present incentive through:
• their professional and technological development;
• flexibility of organization;
• quality of services offered;
•selection of suppliers and partners sharing our vision on quality issues and food safety;
•implementation of necessary measures to prevent all forms of accidents, potential emergency situations with regard to quality, safety and legality;
• development and maintenance of the Food Quality and Safety Management System;
•Systematic initiatives to release business policy and programmes.
Furthermore, The Management also returns to ensure, both internally and externally, that this policy is understood, implemented and supported by all corporate levels providing that it is made available to the Clients who request it and will be  communicated to every figures that are working for the company, or on behalf of it.

Finally, remember  that the contentment  of the Management is closely connected to the satisfaction of the Customers, who find  convenient to serve themselves by the company ,and the employees that meet our gratification. Our company  as well as mindful to the issues of food safety and ethics,  is also  a good place to work.

As a Direction of the company, I  make  available all those material, technological ,financial resources and  talented professional figures, necessary to attaining the established goals. So I propose this policy and leave it in everyone’s care.

Cascia, 13 June 2019.
Piconi Alessandro

IFS Certificate Agricola Piconi

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