The short Italian and biological supply chain from sowing to packaging.

We grow our seeds with heart because we want the best of our land.

We monitor, and we guarantee well each step of our food chain.

Our production is drawn from seed to finished product, just so you get raw and processed with an authentic materials.


We begin by plowing our fields.


With extreme care we sow our seeds.


We collect the fruits of the earth and labor.

Azienda Agricola Piconi - Trebbiatura

Products Selection

The products selection plant in the company’s multi-purpose, more is used for selection of lentil and barley.


The selection system is completed with an area dedicated to the packaging of products.

Agricola Piconi Umbria - Confezionamento prodotti legumi e cereali


With our vehicles we transport and deliver the products guaranteeing a reliable and punctual service.

Agricola Piconi Umbria - Trasporto prodotti
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Spelled has three different processes: pearled, decortication and breakage.
The procedure of  spelled is the most complex in that the first job is the selection of the product where all the impurities are removed, following the decortication occurs where it is shelled and last (if necessary) it takes place the pearled process. For  further improvement of the product, spelled is passed on a color machine, called Optics, which has the task to remove all impurities smaller than the other machines were not able to recognize.


The processing of the lentil instead is much more simple. Before of the whole also is selected, removing all impurities present. The lentil unlike the spelled is selected for a specific weight machine that is denying the product lighter and / or tarlato. In the last operation also the lentil is passed to the machine optics to obtain a product so perfectly clean.