Piconi Farm

From our fields directly to your plates.

We guarantee and inspect every step of the production chain, from the harvest to final package.






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Healthy and fresh food directly from the green heart of Umbria! Choose what you want among legumes, cereals, flours and soups.

Piconi Farm from Cascia, Umbria

About Piconi Farm, Umbria, Italy

“The Piconi Farm” follows a long-standing rural tradition in time, was formed in 1968 by Mr. Piconi Danilo who decided to dedicate themselves to their own management of the estates of his family…

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L’AGRICOLA PICONI S.A.S. DI PICONI ALESSANDRO E C. ha ottenuto un contributo di 8.000,00 € a valere sui fondi POR FESR Umbria 2014-2020 – Az. 3.3.1 – Avviso Pubblico per progetto di internazionalizzazione 2019-2020, per la partecipazione alla fiera BIOFACH – NORIMBERGA dal 12/02 al 15/02/2020.