Natural Puffed Emmer

The puffed emmer is vaporized under pressure, with a particular process that makes it “burst”. Excellent in addition to milk, yogurt and for the preparation of sweet and savory baked goods.

Size: 150g
Origin: ITALY
Ingredients: Natural Puffed Emmer
Allergens: Contains GLUTEN, may contain SOY
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from light.

Nutrition facts (quantity per 100 g – approximate value)
Energy value 1479 Kj – 334 Kcal
Fat 2,2 g
Saturated fat 0,6 g
Carbohydrate 62 g
Sugars 0,9 g
Protein 15 g
Salt 0,03 g
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Recommended receipe

Puffed Emmer Praline with chocolate

150 g of dark chocolate, 50 g of puffed spelled, 1 tablespoon of brown sugar, 50 g of butter, 30 g of raisins, 1 cup of rum.

Put the raisins whit the rum in a small bowl. In the meantime, put the chopped chocolate and butter in a pan to steam . When it is melted, remove from the heat, add the raisins with the rum and the puffed spelled grains. Mix well until all the mixture is homogeneous. Form the pralines with the mixture and put them to firm and cool on a grid with aluminum foil on top. Once firm, they are ready to crack under your teeth! Or if you want can try the pralines with our tasty PUFFED EMMER WITH HONEY.

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